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We are proud to get good remarks and praiseworthy comments from a wide variety of the people, who had been using our background verification services in Singapore. According to them, our processes are demarcated ways to have a good working environment, where every employee is fully tested and examined by us and found fit in all respect. Because, every person is made to pass through stricter checks, which are free from any defect or flaw.

A guarantee given by us has higher value. Our background checks investigations are having higher standard and prime elements are added to increase the veracity. There is no lacks in testing and certifying the persona of a staff. We make sure that things don’t go unchecked. A background screening service given by us is providing authentic information on all types of firms. The information obtained by us is well to do in all respects. Because our information has physical or online origination, where each detail is rechecked and certified.

We purge each and every detail, till we get satisfied, then only we pass it on to the clients. Therefore, the credibility of information is kept at our end. We do take the responsibility of all checks conducted by us.

Today, we have got most exclusive checks for helping the people. It can be used, as and when, any need arises to know about a person. Some of the quality checks are reflected below:

1. Personal Information Check: The necessity of this check felt by the people due to growing risk of fake identity cases in societies. Today, firms are getting worst effect due to unlimited misdemeanors occurring in official tasks. Being the trusted source here, we have always worked for the firms by keeping their interest on the top in order to protect from the risks of neglectful hiring. Due to this reason, we have added all elements in our check to get the total persona of potential staff. Through this activity, you can get the identity, reference and address of a person verified.

2. Education Check: At times, need arise to verify the education of a staff to get his suitability. You will really wonder that our check offers the best means to get the academics, certificates and documents verified. Apart from that, you can confirm the degree, diplomas and other higher qualifications also. License verification is coming as the best means to get the correct validity of licenses used by the firms for various purposes.

3. Pre/Post Employment Check: Here, you are getting the benefits to know the present/ past employment details of an employee. It helps you to get the employment history, last emolument and work experience. This way, you can know the felony, if tried by a person in getting a post/position in a firm.

In addition to that, we are having an expertise in Financial/Bankruptcy Check, Criminal records Check, Documents/Professional Membership Verification, Neighborhood/ Credential Check.

We are available 24x7 at your services for providing the best background verification services. If you have any need to contact us then, please log at [email protected].

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