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With the huge rise of patent breach by potential people in Singapore, it has derived them to take a drastic step to protect their legal rights. This is going to be the right time to act upon such risks by finding the best option to protect the value of your brand. Because, brand value and fame works together to encourage the IPR owners to have more patent work.

When it comes to securing the IP rights, then obviously, IP rights investigators in Singapore are having lots more to do for you to secure your products. Using their services, you are getting ample of benefits in terms of a surety that your brands will be well cared by us at all the times.

Today, we have got best experts, who are having multiple skills and huge vigor to sweat for you to give the best. As far as, our services are concerned, then we want to say that our IP investigation services in Singapore are judged the best for offering the great medium to satisfy every brand owner. Our well designed process is created by keeping in minds all the present necessities and on-going trends.

That’s why we are able to meet all demands of each client by serving quality IP investigations for defending their brand in the markets. Today, we are proud to have a maximum number of activities, which are enough for giving the best results and timely solution.

Some of our most spurring activities are highlighted below:

Counterfeit Investigations: The main aim of this process is to catch an offender, who is indulged in the trading of infringed items. Our prime goal remains to find those sources, who want to induct their fake items in market. We have a focus to get the clues and links of those, who are surging such works. Our activity involves full monitoring of all activity done at the end of manufactures, dealers/distributors, wholesalers and retailers. Raid/enforcement action comes the ending part of our service, which is jointly taken by calling a local representative of law enforcing agency.

Trademark Infringement Investigations: Here, we are taking strong steps to minutely observe all the activities of those people, who are creating fake trademark of branded product. Today, infringers are creating a situation to confuse the consumer by bringing a product with copied trademarks. Using the skills our expert investigators, majority of brands coming from footwear, pharmaceuticals, clothing, sports, automobiles and cosmetics industries have got good results by finding the source their counterfeits.

Market Surveys/Grey Market Investigations: Our team comprises of best people, who can survey the whole Market and provide faster details on Grey Markey goods. The timely action from our team has minimized the financial damages to major brands. We keep a sight in all wholesale markets to find the presence of Grey items. Even, we have helped the brand to have the details on, how their brand became grey market goods.

Today, market survey is the best way to a vital alert on the presence of a fake item related to your brand. As it allows the owners to know about such sources.

In addition to that we have been providing many eminent IP Rights services like Online Brand Protection Services, parallel trade, Geographical Indication Investigations, Due Diligence, Litigation Support and Custom Protection services.

When it comes to a process of raid/enforcement then we are offering best process in the form of Cease " Desist Notice, Sample/Test Purchases, Organize Criminal And Civil/Seizures and finally law enforcement allow us to remove the fake product from markets.

We are having best resources to protect your brand from various risks. For more information about IP investigations, please send your queries at [email protected].

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