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Major Ponno Kalastree, Managing Director of Mainguard Security Services (S) Pte Ltd; is a successful developer of a Private Security Firm and presently running it on full glance with providing on-ground services of private investigations in all over the Singapore. From India to London, his early experiences to the international business world gave him the motivation to sharpen his business acumen for setting up a private security firm. His career highlights are inspirational as he is still having the full passion of providing the authentic services and also to establish the worldwide network.

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Presently, Mainguard International (S) Pte Ltd are able to serve the needs of its global clientele and also able to provide excellent on-ground private investigation services in all over the Singapore. We also take each assignments under the fine skill and provide our services with full of confidentiality. For further assistance and queries according to your requirement respectively, Please contact us on [email protected].