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Corporate Investigation Services in Singapore

The main reasons to use Mainguard Security services are the easy access to have our strong and effective investigation services. There is no doubt that we are having maximum number of services. Our activities are well designed to meet each and every need, whether it comes with a personal or professional reason.

We have made a mark in the each and every field and gained a huge expertise in the field of corporate investigation services. Since, by working in this field for so long, we have learnt how to deal with a risky condition and how to handle the pressure. Such practices have given a great amount of confidence and positivity in our Singapore corporate investigators. It allowed us to create better ways to control a risk through sharper services.

The verve of corporate investigations in Singapore has enabled us to give wide ranges of services, which are used by the firms to rise upon a critical situation.

Some of our valued services are elaborated below:

Company Due Diligence: Due diligence investigation in Singapore is the core competency of our experts. Mainly, we provide this activity to help the clients to have profiling and entire records of a rival firm. Under this process, we provide main aspects and confidential details in the form of an exclusive report, which will be having the registration, credibility, court filings, links and reputation analysis of the company, inclusive of media & other channel reports. Our report summary will give the clear picture of your rival’s power. It will help you generate an idea to take a decision on reliable venture or investment.

Company/Asset Tracing: Today, asset tracing has come as one of the most desired concepts, which is mainly needed by the corporations to know about all offenders, who mainly work to extort others assets illegally. Sometime, people want to get the financial capabilities of their partners to have a venture with them. We work upon all these needs by giving this activity, because it provides the faster tracing of your assets.

Company Background Screening/Checks: Company background screening has become the most effective tools to get the boom in the industry. We serve the purpose to get the perfect details on the size, structure and function of a firm. Nowadays, these are coming as a vital need to establish in the business world. That’s why; we have added vital elements in our reports to keep up the value of our reports. Our report offers the size, formation, business details (services or products), and past history of a firm.

Some of our esteemed services for the good use of clients are record research, competitive intelligence & market analysis and surveillance services. Also, we are having an expertise in other services like theft investigation and undercover operations. One can use them to overcome their problems.

We are available round the clock to offer the effective services and advise. If you want to use us for any purpose then you urge you to contact us at [email protected].

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